Groove Corporation

Band History

It all started in spring 2020 shortly after the lockdown in Mallorca. The German guitarist and music producer Udo Amend moved his diverse musical activities from Germany to Mallorca. In the early phase of the lockdown he developed a new band concept under the working title: GROOVE CORPORATION with the purpose to cover songs and later own compositions, as well as the construction of a technically ultra-modern recording studio on his property in Mallorca. From May 2020, Udo Amend carried out a very extensive and complex casting for musicians and singers. The aim was the conception of an absolute top band with focus on a singer. As a result, the casting was completed after about 8 weeks. The line-up: vocals, guitar, bass, drums and in personal union keyboard and saxophone. GROOVE CORPORATION: the 5 man / woman band was born. All musicians involved, as well as the singer, have a very profound musical education and can look back on a long and successful international musical career. GROOVE CORPORATION is representing Europe:  the singer from England, the drummer from Ireland, the bassist from Germany, saxophonist & keyboardist from Spain and guitarist Udo Amend from Germany. After finishing the casting, Udo Amend selected 30 songs of different styles and arranged them accordingly for the band. All tracks were then recorded in a recording studio on Mallorca both “plugged” and “unplugged”. The aim was to make all titles accessible to a broader public via Spotify and iTunes. Groove Corporation will also publish new titles on thos platforms in the future. All titles are also available here on this website as MP3s. Why plugged and unplugged – and what exactly is it? Well, that’s exactly what makes the big difference between a mediocre, good, or a very good band. The times have changed. Music, yes, of cpurse – but please not too loud and oh yes, it should still be good. Opinions differ here. Sounding good with little technology requires high musical quality from the musicians involved. GROOVE CORPORATION – if wanted completely without electricity “UNPLUGGED” discreetly and quietly. And if you want to let it rip, no problem: PLUGGED with lots of power. So much for the history of its origins. This laid the foundation for the extensive and varied repertoire of world-famous cover songs, the foundation of the band. At the beginning of January 2021, Udo Amend’s new recording studio was finally completed. The recording studio has the most modern audio technology. It is located in an acoustically optimized building, embedded in his property in Santa Maria del Cami approx. 20 minutes away from Palma. Since mid-January 2021, he began composing as a producer and musician.   GROOVE CORPORATION – the slightly different band – from concert to functional and also like “the best of everything” – CHECK IT OUT!  
The long corona-related break led to another change in the band. In the meantime, almost all of the cover songs have been rearranged – for guitar, cajón and vocals – so that Groove Corporation now presents itself as a 3-person band.
Bandleader Udo Amend

Udo Amend

Drummer Patrick Mullis


Patrick has been involved in performing arts for the vast majority of his life. Performing in orchestras and being cast as main characters in plays whilst still a child were the foundation for the stage career and presence that he continues to develop to this day. Following the completion of his music performance studies in the UK, he relocated to Mallorca and has since performed across Europe with many different artists; Minerva Movement, Alejandra Burgos, Roberto Mocha and many, many more. Whether it be music performance or acting, Patrick is a competent performer who brings his incredible energy to every show!

Pia Vogt

Born in Münster and raised in a musical family with classical piano lessons and flute, Pia went to Mönchengladbach to study and after several years of working in the clothing industry to Mallorca. Music always played a role – this resulted in spontaneous concerts on the beach, for example, where Pia accompanied various Ecuadorian groups with her custom-made panpipes. As the singer of the band, she now interprets well-known cover songs and original compositions by Udo Amend.